Jonquil Brooks
Editing, proofreading, copy-editing, academic editing, indexing

Accurate, reliable, creative, flexible, friendly

With over 25 years of relevant work experience, plus formal training through Chapterhouse Publishing in the UK, I have a wide range of editing and writing expertise. I have worked with many different types of material, both fiction and non-fiction, in different fields of work and with a variety of cultures and age groups. Being a native English speaker and having lived in a number of different countries, I can work fluently in UK and US English, and Australian and NZ English.

I offer absolute accuracy and attention to detail plus the ability to adapt my style to the varying requirements of clients and their documents. The variety within the English language fascinates me, so my writing and editing can be formal and official, or I can do informal and urban -- and pretty much everything in between.
If you want purist grammar and syntax, then I can be meticulously correct. If your document needs to comply with a specific style guide (such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, Chicago, etc.) or you have a particular house style, then I can edit within these parameters. I also develop style guides where none exist. If you want something a bit more casual or off-the-wall, then I can also relax the 'rules' and get daring...

Although I work with almost any written material and subject matter, I do have specific knowledge and skills in certain areas, including: human rights, social justice and environmental issues; international aid and development; women's issues; psychology (abnormal and organisational/industrial); management and leadership, especially not-for-profit management; education and training; animal rights; art and design; and films.

I specialise in editing non-fiction books and ebooks, academic writing (theses, dissertations and journal articles) and magazines.

I do also edit fiction and fun stuff. I was the sub-editor for a national teen magazine (Tearaway) for three years and have also edited chick-lit, CD blurbs for rock bands, movie reviews, book reviews, crosswords and quizzes. Check out my portfolio for some examples of the types of work I have done.

I am a freelancer and carry out all my work myself -- I do not sub-contract out. This means I give your project my direct, personal attention, and my guarantee of quality and professionalism. I also like to add value to a client's publication, so I go the extra mile -- see my testimonials page for what clients have said about my work.

  • Books & ebooks
  • Academic editing
  • Journal articles
  • Magazines
  • Websites
  • Educational resources
  • Training manuals
  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Official documents
  • Reports
  • Reviews
  • Indexing

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